Looks like ragweed season is happening earlier

Because my allergies have been a little rough. Eyes itching, nasal discharge, sneezing. That’s with the drug!

So I google “Pollen Count + my zip code. High red until Tuesday and then it tapers into medium.

I had posted about this two years ago only then the symptoms happened in October. So the seasons are definitely screwy. You see ragweed tends to broadcast it’s pollen when temps go below 60F and that’s starting to happen now at night.

Been pumping the Allegra and eye drops in – they give some relief but I hate this time of year for that.

But it doesn’t look good in the future if global warming continues.


But that begs the question – what would it take to engineer Ragweed so it doesn’t produce that Amb 1 protein? Then just let it run wild in native populations and poof – no more irritant.

2 thoughts on “Looks like ragweed season is happening earlier

  1. What makes you think that your GMO ragweed will be more fit for survival than the regular stuff? I hear this genetic modification fairy-story all the time, and without clear and dominant survival advantage (one that will totally replace the niche) it does not make sense.

    Since ragweed is wind-pollinated, I would also expect hybridization. If you really want to get rid of ragweed allergies you have to commit genocide.

  2. I just had ragweed licked then I moved to the SW where I was exposed to a completely new set of allergens which laid me low as smallpox to the the Hurons.

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