Top Five Dog choices if I weren’t allergic

Ok, so if allergies didn’t prevent it I’d likely have a dog.

Here are my top five breeds I’d choose from:

German Shepherd – they’ve very smart dogs but have unique personalities.

Rotweiller – powerful dogs and also a fair amount of intelligence.

Neopolitan Mastiff – they are huge dogs, but have a pretty good temperament

Chihuahua – They may be small but they’re all dog.

Pit Bull – Pits can be family dogs – it’s all in the training.

8 thoughts on “Top Five Dog choices if I weren’t allergic

  1. Actually, I see in the comments that many agree with you that they are still allergic to these breeds, too… Ah well… How about a snake? Or a goldfish?? Then, you’re good to go, eh?

  2. I’m allergic to dogs (and SUPER allergic to cats) and I thought the same, but a friend got a Zuchon (bichon frise & shih tzu combo) that’s allegedy hypoallerenic, and I’m shockingly completely fine around it. Pretty shocking that I’ve gone from staying away from all dogs to falling in love with that little cutie.

    1. Interesting. When I was younger cats too triggered a reaction. But I’m sort of stubborn. My cat I’m fine with, other peoples cats do tend to cause some symptoms though. It’s all what your system is familiar with.

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