Finally getting serious about my Raspberry pi

It’s kind of lay fallow – because I really don’t want to run a 100 foot Ethernet cord to it. And there’s software and libraries I want to install on it so I can start developing some stuff in Python. I know Python already though.

The thing that limits me is:

A) The fact you need a keyboard and mouse. That’s fine – I have both and they’re currently hooked into the two USB ports on the device. But I want to add Wireless networking. I have the Alfa external USB WiFi adapter – gets about 3 or 4db of gain so that’s nice. Plus I have a 750GB external drive I can hook up to it.

So I ordered a powered USB hub. That way the hub can provide power to the RasPi and also serve so I can attach the additional peripherals.

I also have to get an HDMI cable. That way I can tap it right into the primary HDMI interface on the television.

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