Fight Back – Gay man beaten by group of youth in Cleveland

Here’s his video:

Now my comments. It’s high time we break the myth that we’re easy targets. The gay community in Cleveland needs to start harassing and beating straight people. Get the message across that we’re not going to take it anymore.

Interestingly Ohio isn’t a Stand Your Ground state – for if it were I’d urge gay people there to start arming themselves.

And as to the police not investigating – well here’s my prescription for that. Just do what they’d do and investigate it yourself, then package up your investigation and drop it in the lap of the police chief and the District Attorney or Attorney General’s office.

You have video of it – pretty easy to capture stills from video, or even store the video on a cell phone. Get a group of you together and canvass the area. Show the photos of the youths – sure as shit you’ll get identities. The perpetrators must live nearby if they felt so comfortable WAITING for a victim.

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