Sweet Cakes by Melissa is closed!

Watch the bigots try to defend their position.

Mean spirited mafia style tactics? Honey please – you want to be a bigot expect to be called out for it.

And the male half of the couple – saying that he didn’t want to be a part of a gay wedding. You aren’t part of the wedding dude, you’re just baking the fucking cake. It’s not like they asked you to be a bridesmaid or a groom, they just wanted you to combine some flour, sugar, emulsifier and fat together and bake it. And if you’re so stupid as to not know the value of a dollar, well I can’t say much else. If you own a business put your bigotry and Christianity aside and grin and bear it, because you’d be making enough cash had you not opened your bigoted mouth.

It isn’t a surprise that the backlash came – bigotry ain’t cute and it doesn’t play well now that we’re firmly into the 21st century of the common era.

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