Something I’ve noted from blog stats

Is that this blog is rarely, if ever gets visited by people running Windows 8.

The vast majority are now running Windows 7. So I see a dim future for Microsoft.

One thought on “Something I’ve noted from blog stats

  1. Interesting observation and theory. A couple thoughts that might explain the observation without yielding the same conclusion.

    The community of people who read blogs may have become, as a group, less technologically sophisticated and, therefore not as fast to adopt/upgrade

    The economy being what it is, consumers may be delaying purchase of new hardware (which would come with newer software) or delay upgrading their software. I am definitely not an ‘early adopter’ in things technological and was using XP until I bought a new desktop about a year ago which came with Win7.

    Of course. in the past few years we’ve also added 2 iPhones and a MacBook Air to the household which had been previously been all Windows – so maybe you’re right

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