The Drunken Uncle Bryan Fischer is at it again

Homo Akbar indeed. Akbar if you’re interested was a Mughal Emperor. What Akbar  has to do with homosexuality I don’t know.

But the Drunken Uncle who has to keep saying more outrageous things in order to be heard at a party; and that is Bryan Fischer, had this to say:

Notice how the prick Fischer says that homosexual activists shut down the bakery. Again, no we did not. However Aaron Klein decided that he couldn’t stand the heat of being a bigot and shut the shop down voluntarily. The heat in this case was a state investigation because bigotry of the nature practiced by Klein is prohibited under law in Oregon.

It is interesting thought that Fischer seems to go off on increasingly incoherent rants, note above the reference to Homo Akbar, and then trying to paint the Klein’s as victims when the reality was that it was their own lack of understand of a public business and their idiotic religious beliefs that led to their ultimate demise.

And the whole god bothering to which Fischer subscribes, it’s all based on so much bovine effluent. I’ll give my standard retort here, go read Genesis Chapter 4. Then come back and explain to me where the people of Nod came from.


2 thoughts on “The Drunken Uncle Bryan Fischer is at it again

    1. Yeah – there are some things I can watch from them if only to rebut their alleged arguments.

      Sort of how when the marriage equality fight was going on here in RI I attended, spoke at and recorded parts of testimony before legislators. It got to be a game – for instance we’d do a pool on when one Christopher Young – a man who at one marriage equality rally I yelled “The better part of you dribbled down your mothers leg!” I know, I know; but anyhow the pool was when he’d get thrown out of a hearing for speaking out of turn. Fun times.

      I’m kind of tough as nails that way.

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