My moments

So a comment left by a reader led me to this post.

It was on my post about Bryan Fischer of all people, you know, the Drunken Uncle.

I’ve always been and cannot help but be an antagonist. And I’ll stand by it too, which infuriates people to no end. Now you won’t be a target of my antagonism unless you say or do things that piss me off. And I do have a fairly high tolerance. But I also have a mischievous side coupled with a mouth, to wit:

At a marriage equality rally in the Rhode Island State House the bigots decided to take center rotunda. But they were surrounded by equality supporters on all three tiers of the State House. I spotted Christopher Young – a perennial crazy crank of the 9E+10^6th (Also known as 9×10^6 the E is an artifact of TRSDOS BASIC) order. I made sure I got his attention and so chose a phrase I knew would enrage him. I yelled from the 2nd balcony, “Hey Chris, the better part of you dribble down your mother’s leg.’

You had to see him, he turned beet red. I know how to punch the buttons.

But there are also the times when I’m inconvenienced or put out that the mouth starts too. The day I’m on the bus and I signal the stop but the driver keeps going. So  the mouth kicks in and I say “Hey you fucking jackass, think you missed a stop back there.”

But I’m also good for the occasional profundity or smooth one. For example there’s the marriage equality hearing at which during my testimony I made mention of something I hadn’t heard anyone else talk about. I said that each and every member of the Judicial committee either had someone they knew, were related to etc. that was gay or lesbian. You had to see the head nods.

Sometimes I see my role in life as helping to bring it all in focus for everyone. For example, I’ve been on the kick of asking the rhetorical question of why the U.S. Department of Justices, when there are Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization statutes on the books, will not go after the big banks. If you ever get bored do a look up on the RICO Act. And then apply the element to bank behavior that we know about. And you cannot tell me that breaking the big banks into hundreds of smaller banks would cause any economic downturn. If you could break up the biggest telecom monopoly, you can break up a bank.

So now you know a little more about me.


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