And Marriage Equality inches forward in the U.S. again

With a lawsuit in Virginia finally being joined by the team at AFER with the star attorneys Olson and Boies to challenge their ban on same sex marriage. And now I hear there’s even a suit in West Virginia to overturn their ban is ongoing too.

It’s a piecemeal approach. But eventually here’s how I see it playing out.

First let me state that the judicial process – the arguments presented by the anti-equality crowd have NO basis at all in reality. They’re all predicated upon a religious argument which don’t play well in the judiciary circles. Put it this way, every marriage case brought before the courts in recent memory, the bigots have lost and we have won.

So I give Virginia and West Virginia a  high probability of overturning the bans and instituted equality.

And if they go I suspect North Carolina and even Kentucky might go right after that.

We’re now at a tipping point when you consider that almost the entirety of the west coast, the northeast U.S., New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland – it’s moving down the eastern seaboard at quite a rapid clip.

One thought on “And Marriage Equality inches forward in the U.S. again

  1. I’m intriged to see this ‘working south and west’ from the NE.
    I fear alas, AZ will be last.
    Although my money is bet on Utah ceding before being told to honor such.

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