Month: September 2013

The Internet Must Go – the leaked video


Now my two cents on the matter. I’ve long been in the networking side of things and I can tell you – the cost these ISP’s are talking about is fairly trivial when it comes to upgrading service.

But net neutrality is very important. I think the FCC should clamp down on all the ISP’s and classify them as common carriers, subject to full regulation. And that includes NET NEUTRALITY.

We pay enough for what I consider to be sub-standard service. And it’s the wild, wild west when it comes to what the ISP’s do with regard to pricing that is really impeding us economically in the U.S.

And that in nineteen states, including North Carolina the big carriers like Verizon, at&t, Comcast and Cox have gotten laws passed that say a co-operative cannot build out their own network. That is ludicrous. First off in the section of North Carolina he visits in the video – they’re never going to build out there. But they’re trying to protect something that they have no intention to build out. Isn’t that ludicrous.

And I really think we should regulate the ISP’s. Make them put aside 20% of annual net income for infrastructure upgrades. If we did that there would be no end to the wonders we’d see when it comes to the net in the near and far term future. That’s all you need to do.

Of course if we really wanted real net neutrality we’d say all the last mile belongs to the people, not the companies and that all could compete to use that last mile. It’s what they do in Germany and France.

Fixing ancient laptops

I’ve had this laptop for a long time. I’ve done preventative maintenance on it and repairs where necessary.

One of the things that drove my nuts about it was the screen hinges. The things were just worn down, the screen would flop any which way.

Searched the web and found a new set of hinges for $10. It took the removal of 12 screws to do this, the ones on the screen surround, and the screws holding the hinges to the rear of the display cover and those that secure the screen to the chassis of the machine.

And as I’ve said – I understand the limitation of XP and 32 bit architecture. But it still does what I need it to do without any major issues. And I was of the firm impression that Vista was a piece of crap, Windows 7 was acceptable but unnecessary to upgrade to that as it was a bit bloated, and Windows 8 looks like it was designed by a crack addled ADHD sufferer. And that’s me being nice about it. In my opinion XP was the pinnacle for Microsoft. And it’s been down hill every since.

What Microsoft doesn’t realize is this:

1) An operating system has a very LONG life span. And just shoveling new OS’s out there that in essence were half baked pissed a lot of people off.

2) The cycle for I.T. infrastructure isn’t two years, it’s more like 4-7 years.

It is entirely likely that my next computer will not run Windows. Or at least not as the default operating system. Instead I’ll probably get use Debian Linux and VirtualBox on it. VirtualBox is a virtualization package that lets you run another OS image underneath the main OS. So I’ll just clone my current XP box into an image and use that when I need to get access to MS Office, etc.

And I will kiss goodbye forever Microsoft’s craptastic operating systems. Yes I said it, I’ve dealt with Windows for over 20 years now and all I can say is that it’s been one pain in the ass after another. From print drivers that no longer work with the latest versions of Windows, to bad file system structure, etc.

Linux at the very least is flexible as hell. The ext4 file system can have drives up to one exbibyte (EiB). That’s that EiB is 1 exbibyte = 260 bytes = 1152921504606846976bytes = 1,024 pebibytes. A pebibyte is is 250 bytes. And right now we’re only seeing terabytes and gigabytes. So there won’t be any problem with big files in the ext4 file system.

Plus ext partitions have journaling capabilities, error correction, etc. Compare that to the Windows File System.

I can just use Macrium Reflect to create the boot image of this machine – and BAM! Virtualized in style.

So I’ll be leaving Microsoft for greener fields. And in fact once I image this machine I’ll probably put Ubuntu or Debian on it. It’s still usable.




Governor Chafee is not running for re-election

A little bit disappointed that he’s not running. But then I realized something – Governor Chafee has been a progressive Governor. From my perspective he signed marriage equality into law in Rhode Island. To me that’s a biggie.

They’re talking up Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and Treasurer Gina Riamondo now.

I will say this – both have serious electoral liabilities. The Mayor with unions as he recently had to ask current union member and retired members to swallow drastic cuts in benefits. And Raimondo has played sort of fast and loose with finance in the state. Both of those are enough to dash their hopes.

Plus we’re still over a year out on the campaign. The campaign really doesn’t get into gear until about six months prior in Rhode Island. Next summer would be the time to really start counting the chickens.

So I did it

Ordered two 23andme kits. One for me, one for Keyron. I’m curious what will show up for both of us.

For me it’ll be some confirmation of my native American heritage. But likely to be sort of boring though they can detect Neanderthal DNA too. For Keyron he too may have some aboriginal ancestry as well as some other surprises.

It’ll be interesting to find out other things too. The tests also identify stuff like CCR5 Delta 32 mutations, etc. Plus because of my Italian ancestry I have a higher likelihood of Thalassemia mutation.

Can’t wait to find out what a genetic mess I am!


Sweet Cakes by Melissa is closed!

Watch the bigots try to defend their position.

Mean spirited mafia style tactics? Honey please – you want to be a bigot expect to be called out for it.

And the male half of the couple – saying that he didn’t want to be a part of a gay wedding. You aren’t part of the wedding dude, you’re just baking the fucking cake. It’s not like they asked you to be a bridesmaid or a groom, they just wanted you to combine some flour, sugar, emulsifier and fat together and bake it. And if you’re so stupid as to not know the value of a dollar, well I can’t say much else. If you own a business put your bigotry and Christianity aside and grin and bear it, because you’d be making enough cash had you not opened your bigoted mouth.

It isn’t a surprise that the backlash came – bigotry ain’t cute and it doesn’t play well now that we’re firmly into the 21st century of the common era.

Fight Back – Gay man beaten by group of youth in Cleveland

Here’s his video:

Now my comments. It’s high time we break the myth that we’re easy targets. The gay community in Cleveland needs to start harassing and beating straight people. Get the message across that we’re not going to take it anymore.

Interestingly Ohio isn’t a Stand Your Ground state – for if it were I’d urge gay people there to start arming themselves.

And as to the police not investigating – well here’s my prescription for that. Just do what they’d do and investigate it yourself, then package up your investigation and drop it in the lap of the police chief and the District Attorney or Attorney General’s office.

You have video of it – pretty easy to capture stills from video, or even store the video on a cell phone. Get a group of you together and canvass the area. Show the photos of the youths – sure as shit you’ll get identities. The perpetrators must live nearby if they felt so comfortable WAITING for a victim.