Starting a new job soon

I just got the word – instead of contract they want me in there permanently! Yay! Grosses  about 5.5 times minimum wage per hour which is sort of nice. I’ve made anywhere from $25 per hour to $150 per hour in my career so this is about middling.

But I’ve been doing consulting gigs for the last year or so. The feast and famine of those gets a little irritating. The new job will take advantage of my Linux skills. Which means my resume will now contain even MORE experience with Linux, BASH etc. It’s actually the direction I wish to go in. Open source is changing the world little by little.

For example, the company I’ll be working at, they had originally setup a system using .Net, IIS, Windows etc. But then they bought another company and that company was all Open Source Software based, and the standard LAMP + Java and JBoss. For those who don’t already know, LAMP stands for Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP which I’m REALLY well versed in. And I know a bit of Java but haven’t dealt with JBoss yet. So one more experience!

The people I’ll be working with all seem pretty cool. The place is open plan and I’ll break it to them gently that it isn’t conducive to productivity but for now I’ll stay quiet. And I hope I’m in with the systems group. Their open section looks like a mad scientists lab.


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