Uncovering racism in the oddest of places

Perhaps not so odd in that it was a Facebook discussion thread that got it started. It all started over favorite New York System locations. I had only been aware of the two here in Providence, the one on Smith Hill, the other in Olneyville which is actually closer to me.

Well this friend said yes there are now NYS’s in North Providence and in Cranston, RI. But then he went on to say he doesn’t like either the Smith St. or Olneyville locations. He said, and I quote “…it reminded him of Compton in Los Angeles”.

So I prodded and he spouted all the shit I’ve heard from people about my home city being dangerous. It isn’t by any stretch of the imagination or I should say, the areas of concern in this fairly small city are misplaced. He replied it was because of the gang activity, etc. Now I can tell you I’ve been ALL OVER the city of Providence and I’ve never had ANY trouble. None whatsoever. This friend then went on to say his favorite areas are Blackstone and Thayer St.

So I had to break his mistaken notion. But knowing that gang activity is code word for brown people, well, that just took the cake. I posted the breakdown of the police districts within the city and then the statistics from those districts. Every week each district is REQUIRED to publish it’s stats. It only took a REALLY simple Google search to find the data.

And I told him traditionally the east side of the city which includes Blackstone and Thayer Street has the worst property crime rates (vandalism, stolen property) as well as assaults, robbery, etc.

So my message is this – you can try to hide it but your racism, no matter how deep gets exposed when you make idiotic statements about the alleged criminal activity in the city.

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