The New Job

So I got my offer letter today – signed and shot back to them via email.

Went through the company handbook – pretty good benefits. For example, for two people health care gold plan is only $197. Now I had gone through health care reform web sites and my monthly was going to be $600+ for the two of us. Broken down the new place is $45 a week. The $600+ a month would be $138 a week!

Most companies give a standard two weeks of vacation. This place gives three. Plus ten paid holidays – they differ from state benefits by only one holiday, Victory Day. So that’s pretty cool. I’ve worked in places that only recognized a meager 7 paid holidays so this is a net gain.

Personal time is well covered – so to voting time, etc. Pretty progressive.

I start on Monday, which is good because tomorrow I wrap up a project I’ve been working on.


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