Why I still call them Tea Baggers

This cartoon prompted me to do a little writing.

Tea Bagger Shutdown

For you see I’m not the only one that remembers the symbols they chose to represent themselves, and what they proudly called themselves until someone clued them that tea bagging had sexual connotations. Then they suddenly became the Tea Party Patriots and other ludicrous shit like that. But I still call them Tea Baggers for two reasons:

1) It is the original name they chose for themselves and so I do them an honor by using that term. Yeah right.

2) It irks the ever loving hell out of them now. I find that online, I’m happiest when I know I’ve pissed on someones corn flakes. And I do love pissing off Tea Baggers. It’s not difficult as they seem to have rather delicate sensibilities and zero sense of humor.

But I was reading a post on Salon titled “Modern GOP is still the party of Dixie” yesterday and it tried to explain why about 30% of the population, mostly southern, rural, white people still harbor such animus toward government and toward the President.

But a couple a paragraph jumped out at me:

The Republican belief that it would be better to suspend the government (or default on the debt) than to fund “Obamacare,” for instance, can be explained only by this kind of wrathful, embattled logic. There is a sense in which the current shutdown is the culmination of the last 50 years of Republican history. Today’s GOP is the heir of Reagan’s remark that “[G]overnment is not the solution… government is the problem,” even as Reagan embodied the strident, anti-statist dogmas of Barry Goldwater. The Party’s development since 1964 has, in effect, been one long preparation for the time when it would have to argue that no government would be better than liberal government. It would make no sense to say this if liberals were simply misguided souls with some bad policy ideas. It makes perfect sense when one sees them through the prism of Tea Party doctrine: as illegitimate interlopers from the outer darkness whose intent is to exploit and subvert the normative American community.

I’m not sure why they see liberalism as a darkness – think about what liberal means.

Part of the reason this Dixie thing or white, southern and rural phenomenon exists is because they’ve never had any exposure to people other than white conservative types.

I have a solution for this – create a national year of service for all graduating high school seniors in the U.S., akin to the CCC or the WPA. Sure it won’t sell with the Repugs and Tea Baggers. But I don’t think they’re going to be in control too much longer. 

Take kids in the urban areas and have them do improvement projects in the deep south, take kids in the deep south and shuffle em’ to the coasts and northeast. Mix society up a little bit. It’s what happens in cities, right?  I say this because the best period in the U.S. happened immediately after World War II. You had kids from all over the U.S. being sent off into Europe and Asia to fight against the Germans and Japanese. And you had all sorts of mixing and matching going on.

In other words, get them out there, let them see that we’re not really an other to be feared but one to be embraced.

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