Month: November 2013

Movies:: Netflix: Christopher and His Kind

So last night a recommendation popped up on Netflix, Christopher and His Kind. Now I’ve watched another movie about Chris and Don and it was cute and all.

But this movie took place in Berlin in the early 1930’s. First I must say Isherwood’s sexual romps in Berlin, and we only saw a small part of it must have been incredible. I’m going to have to out and get the book now. And I have to say the guy who played Caspar was pretty hot.

But the thing that struck me, there’s one scene in there which must have happened in Berlin prior to the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s in greater Germany. In one scene jackbooted thugs are marching through the streets with torches held high. And then I thought – sort of what our military must look like when it marches into a country. Then there were the scenes with Juden painted across shop windows. Now that wasn’t very smart since they were the commercial underpinning of the economy.

But the book burning – there was a strand of anti-intellectualism in Nazi Germany at the time. And I know that quite a few scientists high tailed it out of Germany in the early 30’s so in essence Germany suffered a brain drain which meant they’d never conquer the atom, plus the expenditure on feeding, housing and equipping an Army gets pretty expensive over time. Just look at the U.S. – we spend a nominal half a trillion dollars every year on military expenditure. There’s a reason many of the founding fathers of the United States feared a standing army.

But all in all a fairly interesting movie, enough so it makes me want to buy the book.

Bryan Fischer on the Iran Accord

This is interesting.

Fischer says that his puny god will bless those who defend Israel and curse those that don’t.

But I don’t think he gets it. Part of those very accords with Iran made by the U.S. and other countries is that Iran dismantle a lot of it’s nuclear program. So if anything this is a blessing to Israel because who do you think one of the first targets would be for Iranian weaponry if allowed to continue the Iranian nuclear program? Yes, Israel. So this definitely falls in the blessing category. It’s just the Bryan Fischer is too stupid, too hoodwinked to be able to see that.

My most used kitched utensils

It struck me, the food muse has hit again.

I got to thinking about the tools I use to prepare meals. I have a nice heavy Henkels cleaver. That’s good for just about anything. Also make crushing garlic REALLY easy.

Also have a 10″ Chef’s Knife. I keep them all nice and sharp and I tend to use that one where the cleaver would just be too much.

Then there’s the Ginsu knife. We’ve had this knife for years. The serrated edge is good for cutting crusty breads, but it’s sharp enough to make nice then slices of tomato, etc.

Then there’s the 12″ plastic tipped tongs. Helps protect non-stick surfaces. Nice wide angle and useful for picking up and moving food around in a pan.

The wooden spoon. Versatile as all hell – from stirring ingredients into say a batch of mashed potatoes, to stirring a nice tomato based sauce.

Then there’s the plastic spoon with stainless steel handle. It’s good for getting material out of a pot or pan. I also have the slotted version of the same thing.

Then there are the stainless steel serving spoon, slotted spoon and ladle.




Movie: Bridegroom

So I watched the documentary last night on Netflix Watch Instantly.  It’s about Tom Bridegroom and his partner Shane Crone.

In the movie it’s pretty clear that after Tom dies his mom wanted to keep a relationship with Shane and Tom’s friends. But toward the end of her visit she becomes frosty.

My guess is her husband, Tom’s father. Fundamentalist Christian of course. It’s sort of why I’m glad Rhode Island has marriage equality because if anything were to happen to me I have a sneaking suspicion that my father would try to pull some bullshit. It’s why when we start buying property none of it will be in our name – it will be held by a corporation and we each will own one share and the bylaws written that on death of one the remaining share transmits to the other. And once we’re both gone we’ll give it to a relative somewhere in the chain.

But the movie brought out the very real harm that religious belief delivers to this world.

Bill Maher does a compare and contrast of Kennedy and Reagan

This is utterly perfect.

I’m not sure I can add much. I can add that I’ve flown into and out of DCA (The other name for that particular airport in D.C. named after that President whose name shall not be spoken in the body of this post!) and find the “Purgatory with a food court” label accurate. And Dulles isn’t much better. Matter of fact neither is Logan in Boston. It’s airport ugly.


RI has been out there on lots of issues

I was thinking about this after watching a Skepticon video. Rhode Island, for all the faults, the political idiocy, etc. has been out in front on a lot of issues.

I’m going to list a few:


1) The Arron Fricke case. This happened in 1980 – he wanted to bring his boyfriend to the prom at Cumberland High School. He filed suit in U.S. District Court and won.

2) This also happened in the 1980’s – RI does not allow DUI check points. We’re one of only ten states so far that have seen the light. Check points CLEARLY violate the 4th and possibly 5th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. And the Rhode Island constitution goes a little bit further in those respect. It’s why on a recent trip to North Carolina I got irritated that we got stopped at checkpoints not once but TWICE in one night. Grrr.

3) The Creche case – now this one was a punt but the upshot was you have to accommodate pretty much all of it. Which now means it’s a Season’s Greeting and a Holiday Tree in the State House.