On one of the motivators behind Marriage Equality cases in the U.S.

Yep – go read first.

Now this is mainly aimed at the leadership of GLAD.

Here’s the comment I posted on Facebook along with the article linked above:

One thing I will never forgive GLAD for is their asinine assertion that the judiciary in Rhode Island was hostile to the cause of marriage equality. That was the biggest bit of bovine effluvia I’ve ever heard. In fact GLAD got a little concerned that I dinged them on that to the point where one of theirs tried to talk me down. Yeah, right. And the thing was, RI Law in general didn’t block it, it was the Family Court Act of 1967 that was the main issue. And i feel that Act could have been challenged under Article 1 Section 2 of the RI Constitution. But we had to wait several more years until our esteemed (Harumph!) legislators saw fit to deign to  grant us our civil rights.

It’s true – I was getting really pissed with the political climate in Rhode Island at the time and was entertaining suing to obtain what to me was our rights under Article 1 Section 2 of the Rhode Island Constitution. Well, when the folks at GLAD heard about this they had a little snit. How dare I usurp on their turf.
So i did capitulate but I got active in the equality fight. Finally the stars aligned earlier this year, we had Governor Lincoln Chafee who supported equality, Speaker Gordon Fox, himself a partnered gay man, and even Senate President M. Terese Paiva-Weed who did not want to support it at all, all allowed marriage equality to come to fruition in Rhode Island. It was sort of surreal to be honest. Paiva-Weed in particular – I had thought we might have to find and fund a challenger to her in Newport. But she saw the writing on the wall when the bill passed with a pretty good majority in the House. She just rolled over and played dead and allowed it to come to a vote in the Senate and it passed! It was incredible but then I knew that Paiva-Weed was in between a rock and a very hard place had she blocked the vote again. In fact I think she knew it too.

Even my Senator, Paul V. Jabour who I have on video denigrating marriage equality, he voted for it!

But like I said, I will not forgive GLAD for blocking us from having equality years earlier had they not the asinine belief that the judiciary was hostile to the cause.


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