More on the Foodie thing in the neighborhood

I had commented on the page for the WestSide Chili Bring it, Share it page that we should do another after January.

One I had suggested was the salads, or the ones that contain mayonnaise as the central star. This includes potato, pasta, tuna, chicken. We could also expand out on other ingredients like olive oil, wines, herbs, spices, etc.

But then I had another idea – we could choose a central ingredient and let people cook around that. I suggest as a first we do the potato. From potatoes you could do gnocchi, mashed, scalloped, fried, pendant, etc.

We could even do nationality based like Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc. The Japanese is more than just sushi or sashimi after all. Tempura is pretty simple. And Indian – you could do something like Tandoori Broccoli. Yum!


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