Sunday Event: Your Best Chili WestSide, BRING IT! SHARE IT!

So the area I live in is properly Federal Hill but borders upon the West End of the city. So I’m sort of active with the groups on Facebook. About  a week or so ago I saw an event post for the above, “Your Best Chili WestSide, BRING IT! SHARE IT!”.

Being a foodie I thought: Sure, I can participate. There wasn’t an absolute requirement that you bring something but I thought about it and realized, a great complement to chili are the little shortbread cheddar biscuits I bake. The benefit is that they’re quick to make – two batches took an hour or so, with maybe a half hour for cooling. Chili on the other hand starts at an hour and a half and goes upward from there if you’re doing it right.

The event ran from 3PM to 7PM at the WBNA facility on Westminster Street in Providence. It was originally scheduled to be in someones home but they backed out about a week before the event. I have to say, WBNA was probably the best place for it. What does WBNA stand for, it looks like a radio station call sign but it actually means West Broadway Neighborhood Association. That’s one thing about Providence, we have a bunch of spaces that can be had for zero cost or low cost to rent out for an small gathering just in this area alone. To name three, there’s WBNA, Bell Street Chapel, and AS220 all within a short distance from here.

The entries were and I’ll list em’ as I rank em’. Yes, I tried all of them.

1) Pork Chili by Caitlin Jamison – This one was a favorite. Who knew Chili made with pork could be so delicious.

2) Steak and Pork Chili by Mike Ritz – A more savory chili with notes of coffee and chocolate, actually they were ingredients.

3) An Homage to Billy’s Chili by Charles Pinning – A bean and tomato based recipe. Excelent

4) A Vegetarian Chili by Caitlin Jamison – No meat but the spice mixture on this was right on.

5) Quahog Chili by Chris Sanford – A bit heavy on the tomato aspect.

6) A Boca Vegan Chili by Anja Josuweit – Good chili, but the lack of certain spices left it a little flat.

7) Meat and Scotch Bonnet Chili by Alec K. Redfearn – Some things should never be combined. This is one of them. The only thing I can say about this one is “People actually like that?”

I brought 27 biscuits, none were left at the end of the event.



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