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As you may already know I block ALL ads for all sites. I assert that I am paying for the net connection and have the right to control what is delivered to my network and machines. Of course idiots out there will counter the advertiser is paying for connectivity too. But their right to provide content is limited by my ownership of the networking gear here. And I choose to block all ads.

So will simply time out the ads when it can’t contact the ad server. To watch 18 minutes of video takes 30 minutes. Twenty two minutes of time out on ads. And I suppose if I re-enabled ads I’d still have to wade through 12 minutes of ads to watch 18 minutes of video that I want to watch.

It’s ridiculous – one 30 second ad every 8 to 10 minutes would be fine. But five ad timeouts totalling 150 seconds? Really? And they do something with focus – I’ve timed it. I’ve been able to watch 480 seconds of a youtube video while their 150 second counts out.

Just one more thing to hate about Hulu.

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