Blogging questions

What you like most about being a blogger?

I started blogging 8 years ago and haven’t stopped yet I started on blogspot and moved over to WordPress because someone bitched about my content on blogspot and they suspended my account. Of course WP did the same until I set their asses straight on it. But what I like most is it gives me a place to vent.

How many bloggers have you met?

Only a couple. That’s because I attended Netroots Nation 2012 here in Providence. I couldn’t see going in 2013 but might do it in 2014.

Do you ever go back and read your old entries?

Yes I do. See that little pane over on the right? Shows me what posts get hit? Every now and then I have to click because I forgot what I wrote back then.

Do you share your job skills here?

I write about computers, programming, gripes about tech, science, and radio. So yeah.

Have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?

Not really. I’m fairly left liberal to start with.

Do your coworkers know about your blog?

Some do, some don’t.

What advice would you give for successful blogging?

Find your muse. Seriously – find what interests you and post away!

What is your opinion of aardvarks?

While I know what they are I have no opinion on them either negative or positive.

Do you publish everything you write ?

There are a few things that never made it past draft stage. Just a little too hot to be considered blog fodder.

If you could make ‘three rules’ for blogging, what would they be?

1# Don’t worry about the typos – you can always edit your posts.

2# (I’m leaving this one in, nothing annoys more than noticing an RSS feed from a blog that hasn’t gotten updated. But here’s the thing, I’ve had a blog lay fallow for a year or more only to suddenly come back from the dead!) Bloggers are not allowed to ‘disappear’; they must give notice of pending closing down.

3# If you ask for more details, it’s only good grace that the blog author provide them.

Do people help you write your blog?

They do provide information at times. This was especially useful in the past.

Who are your blogger super-heroes?

Joe My God is up there, so too Maybe it’s Just Me, and Spo-Reflections.

Final question (if you dare!):

Have you slept with any bloggers?

Nope. Been happily together for 20 years with the same guy. So that’s pretty much out of the question.

2 thoughts on “Blogging questions

  1. Thank you for playing along; I enjoyed your responses
    Thank you too for the mention of myself in the same line as Joe My God! Oh!
    Alas, you too dropped the ball on the aardvark question; this question just ain’t getting the attention it deserves!

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