Movie: Bridegroom

So I watched the documentary last night on Netflix Watch Instantly.  It’s about Tom Bridegroom and his partner Shane Crone.

In the movie it’s pretty clear that after Tom dies his mom wanted to keep a relationship with Shane and Tom’s friends. But toward the end of her visit she becomes frosty.

My guess is her husband, Tom’s father. Fundamentalist Christian of course. It’s sort of why I’m glad Rhode Island has marriage equality because if anything were to happen to me I have a sneaking suspicion that my father would try to pull some bullshit. It’s why when we start buying property none of it will be in our name – it will be held by a corporation and we each will own one share and the bylaws written that on death of one the remaining share transmits to the other. And once we’re both gone we’ll give it to a relative somewhere in the chain.

But the movie brought out the very real harm that religious belief delivers to this world.

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