My most used kitched utensils

It struck me, the food muse has hit again.

I got to thinking about the tools I use to prepare meals. I have a nice heavy Henkels cleaver. That’s good for just about anything. Also make crushing garlic REALLY easy.

Also have a 10″ Chef’s Knife. I keep them all nice and sharp and I tend to use that one where the cleaver would just be too much.

Then there’s the Ginsu knife. We’ve had this knife for years. The serrated edge is good for cutting crusty breads, but it’s sharp enough to make nice then slices of tomato, etc.

Then there’s the 12″ plastic tipped tongs. Helps protect non-stick surfaces. Nice wide angle and useful for picking up and moving food around in a pan.

The wooden spoon. Versatile as all hell – from stirring ingredients into say a batch of mashed potatoes, to stirring a nice tomato based sauce.

Then there’s the plastic spoon with stainless steel handle. It’s good for getting material out of a pot or pan. I also have the slotted version of the same thing.

Then there are the stainless steel serving spoon, slotted spoon and ladle.




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