Month: November 2013

Blogging questions

What you like most about being a blogger?

I started blogging 8 years ago and haven’t stopped yet I started on blogspot and moved over to WordPress because someone bitched about my content on blogspot and they suspended my account. Of course WP did the same until I set their asses straight on it. But what I like most is it gives me a place to vent.

How many bloggers have you met?

Only a couple. That’s because I attended Netroots Nation 2012 here in Providence. I couldn’t see going in 2013 but might do it in 2014.

Do you ever go back and read your old entries?

Yes I do. See that little pane over on the right? Shows me what posts get hit? Every now and then I have to click because I forgot what I wrote back then.

Do you share your job skills here?

I write about computers, programming, gripes about tech, science, and radio. So yeah.

Have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?

Not really. I’m fairly left liberal to start with.

Do your coworkers know about your blog?

Some do, some don’t.

What advice would you give for successful blogging?

Find your muse. Seriously – find what interests you and post away!

What is your opinion of aardvarks?

While I know what they are I have no opinion on them either negative or positive.

Do you publish everything you write ?

There are a few things that never made it past draft stage. Just a little too hot to be considered blog fodder.

If you could make ‘three rules’ for blogging, what would they be?

1# Don’t worry about the typos – you can always edit your posts.

2# (I’m leaving this one in, nothing annoys more than noticing an RSS feed from a blog that hasn’t gotten updated. But here’s the thing, I’ve had a blog lay fallow for a year or more only to suddenly come back from the dead!) Bloggers are not allowed to ‘disappear’; they must give notice of pending closing down.

3# If you ask for more details, it’s only good grace that the blog author provide them.

Do people help you write your blog?

They do provide information at times. This was especially useful in the past.

Who are your blogger super-heroes?

Joe My God is up there, so too Maybe it’s Just Me, and Spo-Reflections.

Final question (if you dare!):

Have you slept with any bloggers?

Nope. Been happily together for 20 years with the same guy. So that’s pretty much out of the question.

Porno Petey All Alone

I love this picture. While the rest were inside witnessing the signature of the Illinois Marriage Equality Bill there was One lone bigot – who is left behind.


It’s like the last guy to realize the war is over, the castaway who’s been on an island for fifty years.

The message falls flat. Because:


Something interesting about

As you may already know I block ALL ads for all sites. I assert that I am paying for the net connection and have the right to control what is delivered to my network and machines. Of course idiots out there will counter the advertiser is paying for connectivity too. But their right to provide content is limited by my ownership of the networking gear here. And I choose to block all ads.

So will simply time out the ads when it can’t contact the ad server. To watch 18 minutes of video takes 30 minutes. Twenty two minutes of time out on ads. And I suppose if I re-enabled ads I’d still have to wade through 12 minutes of ads to watch 18 minutes of video that I want to watch.

It’s ridiculous – one 30 second ad every 8 to 10 minutes would be fine. But five ad timeouts totalling 150 seconds? Really? And they do something with focus – I’ve timed it. I’ve been able to watch 480 seconds of a youtube video while their 150 second counts out.

Just one more thing to hate about Hulu.

More on the Foodie thing in the neighborhood

I had commented on the page for the WestSide Chili Bring it, Share it page that we should do another after January.

One I had suggested was the salads, or the ones that contain mayonnaise as the central star. This includes potato, pasta, tuna, chicken. We could also expand out on other ingredients like olive oil, wines, herbs, spices, etc.

But then I had another idea – we could choose a central ingredient and let people cook around that. I suggest as a first we do the potato. From potatoes you could do gnocchi, mashed, scalloped, fried, pendant, etc.

We could even do nationality based like Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc. The Japanese is more than just sushi or sashimi after all. Tempura is pretty simple. And Indian – you could do something like Tandoori Broccoli. Yum!


Sunday Event: Your Best Chili WestSide, BRING IT! SHARE IT!

So the area I live in is properly Federal Hill but borders upon the West End of the city. So I’m sort of active with the groups on Facebook. About  a week or so ago I saw an event post for the above, “Your Best Chili WestSide, BRING IT! SHARE IT!”.

Being a foodie I thought: Sure, I can participate. There wasn’t an absolute requirement that you bring something but I thought about it and realized, a great complement to chili are the little shortbread cheddar biscuits I bake. The benefit is that they’re quick to make – two batches took an hour or so, with maybe a half hour for cooling. Chili on the other hand starts at an hour and a half and goes upward from there if you’re doing it right.

The event ran from 3PM to 7PM at the WBNA facility on Westminster Street in Providence. It was originally scheduled to be in someones home but they backed out about a week before the event. I have to say, WBNA was probably the best place for it. What does WBNA stand for, it looks like a radio station call sign but it actually means West Broadway Neighborhood Association. That’s one thing about Providence, we have a bunch of spaces that can be had for zero cost or low cost to rent out for an small gathering just in this area alone. To name three, there’s WBNA, Bell Street Chapel, and AS220 all within a short distance from here.

The entries were and I’ll list em’ as I rank em’. Yes, I tried all of them.

1) Pork Chili by Caitlin Jamison – This one was a favorite. Who knew Chili made with pork could be so delicious.

2) Steak and Pork Chili by Mike Ritz – A more savory chili with notes of coffee and chocolate, actually they were ingredients.

3) An Homage to Billy’s Chili by Charles Pinning – A bean and tomato based recipe. Excelent

4) A Vegetarian Chili by Caitlin Jamison – No meat but the spice mixture on this was right on.

5) Quahog Chili by Chris Sanford – A bit heavy on the tomato aspect.

6) A Boca Vegan Chili by Anja Josuweit – Good chili, but the lack of certain spices left it a little flat.

7) Meat and Scotch Bonnet Chili by Alec K. Redfearn – Some things should never be combined. This is one of them. The only thing I can say about this one is “People actually like that?”

I brought 27 biscuits, none were left at the end of the event.



On one of the motivators behind Marriage Equality cases in the U.S.

Yep – go read first.

Now this is mainly aimed at the leadership of GLAD.

Here’s the comment I posted on Facebook along with the article linked above:

One thing I will never forgive GLAD for is their asinine assertion that the judiciary in Rhode Island was hostile to the cause of marriage equality. That was the biggest bit of bovine effluvia I’ve ever heard. In fact GLAD got a little concerned that I dinged them on that to the point where one of theirs tried to talk me down. Yeah, right. And the thing was, RI Law in general didn’t block it, it was the Family Court Act of 1967 that was the main issue. And i feel that Act could have been challenged under Article 1 Section 2 of the RI Constitution. But we had to wait several more years until our esteemed (Harumph!) legislators saw fit to deign to  grant us our civil rights.

It’s true – I was getting really pissed with the political climate in Rhode Island at the time and was entertaining suing to obtain what to me was our rights under Article 1 Section 2 of the Rhode Island Constitution. Well, when the folks at GLAD heard about this they had a little snit. How dare I usurp on their turf.
So i did capitulate but I got active in the equality fight. Finally the stars aligned earlier this year, we had Governor Lincoln Chafee who supported equality, Speaker Gordon Fox, himself a partnered gay man, and even Senate President M. Terese Paiva-Weed who did not want to support it at all, all allowed marriage equality to come to fruition in Rhode Island. It was sort of surreal to be honest. Paiva-Weed in particular – I had thought we might have to find and fund a challenger to her in Newport. But she saw the writing on the wall when the bill passed with a pretty good majority in the House. She just rolled over and played dead and allowed it to come to a vote in the Senate and it passed! It was incredible but then I knew that Paiva-Weed was in between a rock and a very hard place had she blocked the vote again. In fact I think she knew it too.

Even my Senator, Paul V. Jabour who I have on video denigrating marriage equality, he voted for it!

But like I said, I will not forgive GLAD for blocking us from having equality years earlier had they not the asinine belief that the judiciary was hostile to the cause.


I have no tolerance for the bigots

None whatsoever. Be in Jennifer Robach Morse who I called a “fucking bitch” to her face. Or Maggie Gallagher whom I called a “Snivelign Cunt”. I cannot tolerate the bigots.

Even on a local level – I love getting Chris Young red faced. It’s too much fun.

I look at it this way, you gotta call em’ as you see em’.