A TMI Thursday Post a little early – Kiss the Cook

Got it from Just a Jeep Guy.

Anyhow on with the questions:

1. How good of a cook are you?
Put it this way – so good that someone almost always goes back for seconds.

2. Who taught you how to cook? 
Learned some from my parents and grandparents. But my real education came watching Good Eats and programs like that. Plus using web resources for recipes, technique etc.

3. Who does the cooking in your home?
Mostly me, but every now and then Keyron gets to cook.

4. Do you cook more or eat out more?
Put it this way, what we can cook in this house is orders of magnitude better than you’d get at most restaurants. That’s not to say we don’t occasionally go out for food. Two faves in the general area are Pito’s II and Phoenix Dragon.

5. Are you more of a cook or dessert maker?
I can do entrees, sides, and desserts. Mostly cakes and pies for desserts. Also do my own cornbread and banana bread too. Pretty handy with Chinese food too.

6. What was your worst/funniest cooking moment? 
Made this dish one time – it was heavy on onions and I didn’t really like the flavor of it. But a friend was over and loved the stuff so much. So we didn’t have to throw it away.

7. What’s your best dish?
So many things; I make really good beef & broccoli and General Tsao’s Chicken. But my absolute best is down between two dishes that I and someone else absolutely love. The first is Pork Chops with Sour Cream and Dill sauce, the other is Chicken with Mushroom and Leek Fricassee.

8. Is revenge a dish best served cold? 
Oh yeah, I’m a Khan disciple in that respect.

9. Is the best way to a man’s heart truly through his stomach?
Well yeah of course.

Have you made whoopee in the kitchen? Which foods have you used to spice up your love life?

Has anyone not had sex in the kitchen? i mean come on. As to foods – does whipped cream and honey count?

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