Text Play in ASP

ASP is what’s used in Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Server) to give it some interactivity.

I’ve recently gotten a contract to do development in it. Now most of my experience is just doing ASP changes to normalize and verify data.

This is just something I quickly threw together:


It just asks you name and age.

And then it does this to it:


I had it originally doing ROT-13 but then did ROT-6.

It’s done like so:


Dim name, age, rot13name, i, j
name = Request.QueryString(“Name”)
age = Request.QueryString(“Age”)
Response.Write(“Name: ” & name & “<br />”)
Response.Write(“Age: ” & age & “<br />Rot13 Name is: “)
For i = 1 to len(name)
Response.Write(“<br />”)

Response.Write(“But that’s not all!”&”<br />”)

For j = len(name) to 1 step -1


When you hit the submit button the action takes it to an ASP script that does the textual prestidigitation.


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