Some mods I might make to the Duo BASIC

Now that I’ve got it functioning I’ve been messing around with it. It only has the two commands MNZ and add. With just those two you can write some interesting programs.

The switches on it leave a bit to be desired though. They’re fairly delicate. But I may end up using something like this:


That way I’d be able to get rid of the LED and the switch and just use these in a nice box.

Of course those are $5 each – and eight of them would be $40 – about the cost of the Duo BASIC in the first place. So no go.

However there is this, a simple on/off switch.


At 50 cents each eight of them would be $4, or one tenth the cost of the flashy ones. Plus I also have a bunch of LED’s in the house and the resistors to current limit them. So I could still move this out to an external device. Cool!

Now I could use a binary to 7 segment converter – but here’s the catch – I’d have to use a lookup table of sorts to drive at least three seven segment digits. So maybe not.

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