Yet another Stupid People Shouldn’t Own Guns Thread

Go read this first – and then come back for my comments.

First of all basics of gun safety go as follows:

1) Never assume a gun isn’t loaded.

2) Never point a gun at someone unless you intend to use it.

3) Keep the gun locked or in safe mode.

3) Never chamber a round unless you intend to use the weapon.

4) When cleaning or breaking down a gun, drop the ammo clip.

5) Now pull the slide clear off and clear the round that you chambered like a moron.

Really – it’s not hard. As someone who has handled and discharged a whole plethora of weaponry I have to say I’ve had some experience with all the above. That includes hang fires – where you pull the trigger and nothing happens. You’re supposed to put the weapon down in a safe orientation and walk away for 20 or 30 minutes. Then proceed to clear the round out of the breech.

It’s all common sense. And here in RI to buy a gun you need what’s called a Blue Card. You cannot purchase a pistol without one.

We won’t however get into the carry permit thing in RI. I could have had one back in the early 2000’s as I worked for the State AG’s office. That was the place where the Deputy Chief of BCI had a pane of bulletproof glass on which he’d tried at least a couple dozen different weapons on it. The only one that penetrated the glass was a rifle round.

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