TMI Thursday Again(Except on Friday): The War on Christmas

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it


  • Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any?
    • I am an atheist. So no faith required.
  • What is your opinion of Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?
    • I’m sure to say Happy Holidays because I know it will get the religious idiots underwear in a bunch. That’s particularly evident in Rhode Island right now. Governor Chafee last year called it a Holiday Tree and caught holy hell for it, this year he calls it a Christmas Tree. I call it a pagan symbol of renewal.
  • Holiday music on the radio? When and how much?
    • I do not listen to radio anymore. It’s my music library or the highway. And I generally abhor Christmas music, even the secular variety. Makes me want to murder an elf.
  • When do you start decorating? Do you?
    • Past few years we haven’t even put up a tree – we’ve been on the road to family or with friends for the holiday so there’s really no point. Maybe this year and it’ll be like the week before and it comes down New Years Day.
  • White lights or multi colored?
    • Multi-color thank you very much. Now that a little money is coming in I might get 10 or so meters of those addressable RGB LED strips and put those on the tree and use my Arduino or RasPi to drive it.
  • Gift cards, cash or actually shopped-for presents?
    • Gift cards are a little offensive. It means you don’t know me well enough to know what I might want. I’ve never given one either.
  • Christmas cards and or family update letters are…
    • With Facebook, WordPress, and email holiday greetings are less expensive and less hassle that way. 
  • Snow is…
    • Horrid! I hate snow. And I’m watching the forecasts – first they said 2″ of snow this weekend, then it went 4 to 8 inches, now we’re down to 2 to 4 inches. Watch, I recommended a friend on facebook purchase a snow blower – if she buys one all we’ll get is a dusting.
  • Have you been a good little boy this year?
    • Yes I have. I’m generally a pretty good guy until you really, and I mean really piss me off. Then all bets are off.
    • FoodA Christmas Ham is nice. Maybe with some candied yams, a broccoli casserole.
    • DessertThese little sugar balls. They’re awesome.
    • DrinkLots of wine.
    • Holiday movieNone of the Above.
    • Holiday musicLike I said, when I hear holiday music I want to murder an elf.
    • Holiday traditionNot very big on the traditions.


  • Christmas sex: What have you done under the mistletoe?
    • Yeah – Christmas is usually spent with Keyron’s mom or with friends. And I get a really squicky feeling about doing it in other people’s houses.
  • Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Claus?
    • Negative on that one.
  • Have you done it a Santa suit?
    • Cant’ say that I have.
  • Did you come down the chimney?
    • Up/down every which way.
  • Just how merry have you made Santa’s helpers?
    • I’ve heard no complaints.

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