LOL – The NHTSA Finds Speeding an Issue on U.S. Roads

Now this is sort of funny to me. I’ll explain why:

First the speed limits on highways and secondary roadways are set ARTIFICIALLY LOW. Yes you hear me. Let’s address the highways first. Those highways were designed to accommodate speeds in excess of 70MPH.

And down at the very bottom of the article, the group most likely to speed is 16-20 year old, and I just bet they’re mostly male.

Here’s the thing – I’ve been licensed for 32 years. I’m told by friends that I am a very confident driver. And I do like speed. And I dare you to drive I-95 south once you get past the City of Providence – if you’re not doing at least 70MPH you’re going to have people on your bumper or worse.

And let’s face it – the 55PMH and 65MPH limits found in most states are stupid. I love how on Route 64 in North Carolina the speed limit is 70MPH now. So some states are bucking the assholery of the NHTSA and the like. Because artificially low speed limits are only revenue enhancers and nothing more.

And for that 16 to 20 age group – make them take more drivers ed hours. And just ask the military – they have simulators for everything. Maybe every state, every school has simulators that a student must log say 100 or 200 hours on before they’re granted a license.

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