This is what terrifies the Religious Bigots

Go read this – where students at a Catholic school in Washington State walked out to protest the firing of vice principal that was gay and married to a man.

But as I read the article it hit me – this is what terrifies the religious bigots. Their arguments against the LGBT community, against marriage equality has only now begun failing to move people. It’s because it’s the same message ad infinitum, over and over again. We all know the verses in Leviticus, Romans etc. There’s been no movement in the message from the Catholic Church for years. Of course they still have what I call their little credibility problem, what with protecting priests who abused kids and then lying about it. That’s not good.

But I find it interesting that the Catholic church can cherry pick the way it has. I mean they cherry pick on slavery, polygamy, and a host of other things one will find in the biblical texts. Why can’t they pass on the whole LGBT thing. I recall something said to me in my youth, it’s rather coarse but you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. The Catholic Church hierarchy could learn something from that.

So I’m delighted to see the kids at the Eastside Catholic School walking the walk. I would imagine the Bishop in Seattle must have his undergarments in a bunch over this. Good! I’m all for a good routing of the soul in their case. Their dogmatic evangelism didn’t work. And trying to repeal John XXIII’s Vatican II reforms will cost them dearly.



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