A Ham’s Night Before Christmas

Two things you’ve likely gleaned about me from this blog is a) I’m a ham aka amateur radio licensee and b) I’m an atheist. But I still sort of celebrate the holiday. Hey, gotta have SOME traditions.

Anyhow this vid is pretty cool.

Yes I do hold an extra class license – and I had to do the 20WPM morse code to get mine not like today where it’s theory only. But I do love my HT’s. I’ve got two; a Yaesu VX-7r that covers the 6m, 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm bands and a KST V6 1.25m 5W HT. The latter is little, only does 1.25m – the VX-7r does too but it’s output is limited to 300mW because of spectral purity issues with the power amplifier in the radio.

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