TMI Thursday Again, only two days late: Call Me


  • Do you still have a land line?
    • I’d been using Vonage for some time until the fees which are essentially money grabs really irked me. And by this point more calls go to my Google Voice than anything. I can point it to whatever I wish. So when the cable company came around offering cheapo voip – I took it. Don’t use it other than when the cell service goes belly up for some reason.
  • Which cell phone do you use and why?
    • It’s a Samsung SCH-R910 aka Indulge. It’s a couple years old but it has the extended battery which I really like.
  • Which provider do you use? Is there really a difference?
    • MetroPCS which is essentially T-Mobile now. Which is kind of funny since my first cell phone was with OmniPoint which became VoiceStream then got bought by T-Mobile. Now T-Mobile bought MetroPCS. Which is odd because I still have a $54 credit with T-Mobile proper.
  • If you call someone and they don’t pick up, do you leave a message?
    • Depends on if I really need to reach them.
  • When you have a missed call (with no message), do you call the person back?
    • Yes I have.
  • Do you txt willingly or reluctantly? How are your skills?
    • I love Swype and voice type. So yeah, big on texting.
  • Has your cell replaced your camera?
    • Yes it has.  Photos still get uploaded to Flickr and Facebook.
  • Selfies….
    • Not really big on them for some reason.
  • How many apps do you have? Which is your favorite and why?
    • I’ve got a ton of apps on the phone. Just counted – 75 apps
    • Favorites are the Bar Code Scanner, DuoLingo, WordPress, Google Authenticator, EchoLink, Zipcar and ElectroDroid.
  • What would life be like with no cell/smart phone for one month?
    • Very strange. I’ve come to depend on the networking and features of the phone.


  • How much has your cell phone become a part of your sex life?
    • Occasional photo exchanges with my SO.
  • Sexting
    • Not really – I prefer the real thing.
  • hookup apps
    • None.
  • selfies
    • Hardly any.
  • video
    • Yes of course, but not what you think. Instead I get politicians on video making idiotic statements. It’s more fun that way.
  • GPS
    • If it only worked 100% yes.
  • more?
    • What more could you want?

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