New Years Meme

Being that I’m way ahead of the new year I actually think Sean’s MEMEs means I’ve done a TMI early. Yay!


Entertainment –  In 2014 I’d like to see more movies that interest me. i mean why won’t they make movies of some of my favorite sci-fi and books I’ve read? Interestingly we were with friends for Christmas and they had the movie The Hobbit. Hate to tell you I’ve read it already and the movie tried it’s damnedest to spice up that book. Now the Canterbury Tales – that didn’t need much spicing.


Politically – I’d like to wall off the southern United States. A 5,000 foot wall. It will only be temporary until they can demonstrate that they understand the U.S. Constitution and understand the level of corruption present in our government that was cemented by the Citizens United decision in the U.S. Supreme Court. That would solve a LOT of our problems.


Globally – Energy independence in the form of solar, wind, tidal, whatever it takes. The global impacts of just doing that would change the geo-political game for the better and get us off fighting for oil.


Personally –You can’t change perfection.


Friends – Believe me, come the holidays we see everyone.


Family – What family?

Your suggestion – To hell with them all. That’s the more gentle version btw.


Sexually – More, more, more!

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