Up with Steven Kornacki tackles Marriage Equality

Excellent, this is a good breakdown of the issue.

The panel was comprised of our old favorite bigot Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (Every time I write that line I feel like stating the obvious, it’s an oxymoron!), Aisha Moodie-Mills  from the Center for American Progress, Josh Barrow  from Business Insider and  Rachael Bade from Politico.

Toward the end of the first part Brian Brown is going off and Josh Barrow takes issue with what Brown is saying. And then Brown starts getting increasingly more shrill as he goes on. He cannot defend his position any longer and so he’ll resort to umbrage at being labeled as a bigot. The real truth is, he IS a bigot. He just doesn’t want to hear that – it causes a great degree of cognitive dissonance.

You have to watch Brown, the voice register goes up and the eye rolls start. He’s pulling it straight out of his own ass. It comes in at around 16 minutes in the first clip. You get to hear Barrows response in the second bit.

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