Happy New Year 2014

Feliz Anno Nuevo – sort of the same in Italian and Spanish with minor variations in spelling. But the year 2014 is upon us.

Some notable things of 2013:

Marriage Equality finally passed in Rhode Island as well as a bunch of other states either through legislative or judicial action. It’s amazing. And I suspect the bigots will continue to lose since it’s been demonstrated time and again that the arguments they’ve put forth over the past decade or more have been thoroughly debunked. Plus since their only source of animus is the Bible, they can’t come up with anything new.

On the job front 2013 was the year of the contract for me. But that got tiresome and I had finally landed a full time job with benefits in October as a Senior Linux Engineer – it lasted only a month before I was laid off. Seems the company wasn’t very healthy from a financial perspective. And I was being paid $80K – so when I heard rumor of layoff I knew I was on the chopping block. {GROAN}. I enjoyed the job too. Got along with everyone in the ops unit and was just starting to write some BASH scripts to automate tasks. Ah well. I doubt I’ll get called back as I see the likelihood of the company surviving through 2014 as extremely low. It’ll probably all get sold off to a bigger company at some point.

For the holiday we got the MIL a heated mattress pad – she usually gets practical gifts. The kids – the nephew got the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the girls got Rory’s Story Cubes. That latter is pretty interesting. A bunch of cubes with pictograms and from the pictograms you have to formulate a story. A bit of a cerebral toy. But this year I had to break with the annoy the sister in law theme. the kids are getting too old for toys that annoy though next year I’d love to get the nephew a big Lego bucket. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the joy of stepping on the sharper edge of a Lego brick you’re missing something in life.

And for Keyron he got a book – he constantly sends me things he wants that he sees on Amazon so I just went through that list and picked the book.

For the secret Santa thing at DC401 I got a nice tool set for my recipient. Won’t know what I got until Jan. 8th.

The year 2014 should be better. I’ve gotten a heck of a lot of interest for new jobs although that tapered off about a week before Christmas.

In other news my aunt Lucy died in October. She was the last of that round of relatives.  Now I wait – my fathers generation is next on the chopping block and then it’s my turn. Yippee!

Other noteworthy things of the year. Finally read “Christopher and His Kind” and am plowing through “The Berlin Stories” now.

And after reading Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” I’ve begun an adventure into pickling via brine and flavorants. Made four pint and a half jars of pickling cucumbers with garlic and dill and a little black tea to maintain some crunchiness.

Also threw some orange peels in a jar with some water and sealed it. They say this makes a good household cleaner. It’s fermenting away as I speak.


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