Advocate’s Flawed Gayest Cities

You can look here and I’ll paste the number one city which to save you the scroll is Washington, D.C.WASHINTON_DC_MAINX450[1]

Now here’s the criteria for their rankings. It stinks to high heaven.


Let’s take it point by point. I’m going to use Providence and the State of Rhode Island or more properly The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

LGBT elected officials. Let’s see – the fed side we have Rep. David Cicilline, then on the state level at 1/10 point we have Speaker Gordon Fox. Yup.
So that’s 1.1 points.

Now we get to the major flaw and shame on The Advocate for this one. They only counted lesbian coupled households. What about gay male coupled households. So 5 points for their glaring omission.

Gay Rodeo – really? I’ve never seen a Gay Rodeo and have no desire to do so. This is an obvious give to the south and mid-west. So 5 bonus points here too as we don’t have Gay Rodeo here in Providence. We have had the Red Bull Run and a few other events though.

As to best gay bars, what determines what makes a bar the best?? So Providence gets at least 5 points here.

Women’s colleges? What the fuck? I thought the Advocate was a GLBT community. Notice I switched those first two letters. G comes before L in the alphabet people.

Concerts by artists. We do get some here in our little berg. Even had Netroots Nation here once.

But then they take the score and divide it by the population.

So I gave us 16.1 points – divided by 188,000  comes out to .000009 – this leads me to believe there were no real criteria for the Advocate’s little promo piece. They just pulled it straight out of their rectums.

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