Tell the FCC to reclassify both wired and wireless broadband into Common Carrier status

Go sign the petition here.

And let me explain what the lack of net neutrality could do to us. Cable and phone companies could for example block or degrade traffic to sites like Netflix, Hulu, et al should they wish to extract more revenue. As it is already they extract a magnitude 20 price for broadband service on the wired side, probably even more on the wireless side.

In essence another part of not having net neutrality is that they want to charge content providers for the privilege of delivering content. That’s not the internet we want.

And the court the struck down the FCC ruling – they cited Google Fiber. You know, the same Google Fiber that’s only in about 3 cities so far. And don’t for a moment think that Google will utilize net neutrality, they’ll simply pile on.

Instead all ISP’s  have to be fully regulated a the NATIONAL level by moving them into Common Carrier status. This is what Ma Bell operated under back in the days when phone service was $12  a month. And she made a tidy profit under that regulation.

The profit being made by ISP’s and wireless carriers is OBSCENE. So click on the petition link above – tell the FCC to reclassify all the ISP’s and wireless carriers under Common Carrier rules.

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