The whole hairless body thing

Leaves me completely cold. I hate the alleged trend going on now.

Plus I’m hairy enough that it would very expensive/painful to remove mine and I have no intention of ever doing so.

But I see numerous online posting on hairy bodies are icky, from both male and female posters. It’s ludicrous – look we have it for a reason that science has yet to figure out. It’s probably an evolutionary trait left over from the Neanderthal or early human populations.


7 thoughts on “The whole hairless body thing

  1. It is silly. I suppose eventually it could be a problem, like Bobo the Dog-faced boy but totally smooth bodies for every man is like walking through a gallery of Greek statues, pretty but not at all realistic. Anyway, all that fussing require too much time for a man, in my opinion.

    1. Yup – the daily hygiene routine – if it takes more than 30 minutes I want nothing to do with it. That 30 minutes includes shaving, brushing teeth, and showering.

  2. I’m a guy who is naturally smooth. Not even a happy trail. I’m not Asian either. I wish I had some body hair because it would make me look more masculine. Some guys really like it, but one sex mate told me I had the body of a 15 yo…..which I didn’t like.

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