Part of the problem with Weather Sleuths on Facebook

Is that they take each new update as gospel. Here in Providence the initial forecasts were 2 to 4 inches. Then it got bumped up to 6 to 8 inches, then 8 to 10 inches and finally 10 to 14 inches.

But here’s the thing – for all the storms we’ve had in the past five years – most have been WAY off target for total accumulation amounts. I think there was that one MAJOR storm we got last year, the one where our power was out for four days where they correctly predicted the snowfall amounts.

But past few storms the chicken little, the sky is falling, and the White Death from The Sky folks have been predicting snowmageddon to the point of nausea. And I keep telling them – you have to look at the overall pattern instead of the individual elements in the set. Because if you look at the pattern – the forecasters have been WRONG more often than RIGHT.

I did note that WX1BOX The Taunton Skywarn group (Amateur Radio related!) on Facebook didn’t post jack shit. It’s probably because I’ve called them out on the sky is falling nature of their posts in the past.

2 thoughts on “Part of the problem with Weather Sleuths on Facebook

  1. When I lived in New England (Boston and then in Barrington, RI for a year), the local news always catastrophized the weather forecast to make us all stay glued to the tube. We were threatened with the storm-of-the-century once or twice each winter. Which was great for TV ratings and ad revenues. After a while, I caught on and mentally cut the projected horror by at least half.

    Where I live in Wisconsin now, the guy who used to manage the railroad museum where I worked for a while always claimed we were going to have Snowmaggedon every time a flake was in the forecast. Some people live on self-induced fear, I guess.

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