Why I advocate for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana

First of all I’m not a pothead. My choice of intoxicants is of the C2H6O variety aka ethanol.

But here’s the thing – we in the U.S. have spent billions of dollars per year on drug interdiction, imprisonment and rehab over the past 30 odd years. Plus the fact that marijuana incarceration is pretty high.  The total is somewhere in the trillions of dollars. That is all money that could be put to better use.

I see marijuana, in it’s pure state, as no worse and actually better than alcohol and in some ways better. I’ve never met a belligerent pot user, but have met more than a few alcohol intoxicated individuals who really shouldn’t be drinking.

Now, the benefits of completely legalizing it for adults:

1) The cost of interdiction, prosecution and incarceration are reduced dramatically.

2) The tax revenue – you can slap a 20% tax on the stuff and people will still buy it. Just look at Colorado for the proof of a potential windfall revenue model.

3) The combined benefit of the 20% tax on product plus the reduced cost of all those listed in my first point make it so legalization of recreational marijuana is all positives with no negatives.

4) The purity of the product can be REGULATED by the states. No mixing fillers in, no additional psycho-active compounds added, etc.

I have written the chair of the Judiciary Committee in Rhode Island, Rep. Edith Ajello as well as my state Rep. John J. Lombardi and Senator Paul V. Jabour with pretty much the arguments above.

2 thoughts on “Why I advocate for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana

  1. I agree.
    I hat the stuff, and see it as hardly the benign ‘no trouble’ substance most people are dangerously going along with. But I think it hypocritical we allow alcohol and nicotine – arguably the most toxic and the most addicting substances there are – and not MJ.
    I suspect too in 5-10 years we will see cancer/respiratory problems and yes, addiction to the wretched stuff. But this is not enough to disallow it. Make it legal ;and make it with restrictions as alcohol.

    1. Depends on the method of inhalation. However there has been research that cannabis has tumor suppression abilities. So I don’t think you’ll necessarily see increased cancer.

      In fact my SO used to get bronchitis like clockwork – until he started on cannabis then suddenly the bronchitis stopped. So in my not so scientific empirical evidence, it does something.

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