Why I think the next American Revolution will start in North Carolina

First of all the people in North Carolina aren’t happy with their legislators. I don’t live there but have relatives there and I can understand the unhappiness. To the point where they have regular Moral Monday protests at the NC State House.

Then there’s the marches over the alleged suicide of Jesus Huerta in Durham, NC. To the point where police are definitely running scared.

You even have the protestors in Durham calling for defending themselves. It’s going to get VERY interesting if the Durham PD doesn’t come clean about the circumstances behind Huerta’s death. I mean come on, kid is cuffed behind his back. How does, in the words of the medical examiner, the kid take out a gun and shoot himself in the mouth with an exit wound at the back of his skull???? That’s a definite one for the physics books. And what’s even more suspicious is that the in car video system was TURNED OFF or at least that’s the excuse the PD gave and I’ve got a bridge I can sell you.


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