Changes in the Catholic church

So today an interesting thought came to me.

I went through Catholic schools here in Providence from 1970 to 1982. This was in the period just after the finalization of the Vatican II accords. It was a very liberalizing set of things. Plain clothes for priests and nuns, liberalization of the theology, and civil action for the better on the part of religious orders. Even the communion changed – now the host would be laid in your hand and you could sip the wine. Prior it just used to be a wafer dipped in wine placed on your tongue. Confessions could now be done face to face – that was somewhat horrible for me. But the best part – is the Catholic schools started getting seriously subversive. I go by things we did in grades 1 through 8 and then high school and there’s a definite subversive thread that wends through all of it.

But I believe Pope Francis has invoked another Vatican council. So it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. We could see another span of near 20 years of liberalization of the church again. Still not enough to ever get me to come back to what I see as a church based on complete fiction, as all of the churches are. And life is much better without having to drag myself to mass every Sunday to hear a priest drone on about something or the other.

But here’s the thing. What stuck with me is those very subversive principles. Love one another is a pretty good scheme for life, so too do right by your brother, etc. Just the whole god thing turns me off. That and dragging myself to church service even if they do start at 10AM now.

2 thoughts on “Changes in the Catholic church

  1. I think all religions have love at their base – or so I hope. I am not certain though if Islam has love in it; this is said out of ignorance only.

    1. Islam has at it’s core a prophet who was drug addled and a womanizer. Just the fact that the two predominant sects are over order of succession of the prophet is enough to let you know it’s a fucked up religion.

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