Got my new Baofeng Radio

It’s actually a B-580T the twin of the GT-3. Bit of a bear to program in that you have to enter the receive and transmit frequencies. I’m about to do a master reset on the radio again.

I’m just downloaded the Chirp software. And I ordered the programming cable for the thing.

I would have linked the videos I posted but I could only post them to Facebook – for some reason YouTube video uploads don’t work from my phone even when I turn on WiFi. So I’ll just have to put it in words here:

1) Once you install the belt clip, it’s not a terribly easy time to re-install the battery pack. Minor engineering flaw.

2) The one that really kills me – the radio has settings for offset spacing and direction. But to commit to memory you have to do it twice, first for the receive, then for the transmit. Stupid – why have the ability to determine the offsets and directions then?? it does work fine for VFO mode though.

3) The display is pretty unreadable without the backlight.

4) I like the flashlight but I do have a flashlight app on my phone too.

5) The voice isn’t Chinglish but proper English now. Yippee!

6) Doing a master reset on the radio cuts off the voice. I do leave key beeps enabled.

7) The screen printing on the keys is horrid. I’ve already managed to rub off the numbers on some of them.

I did manage to sell my KST V6 for only $5 less than I paid for it. Not bad – so effectively the Baofeng only cost me $20. I guess I can’t complain too much.

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