Abandoning Firefox for Chrome

For years I have been a Firefox evangelist. No more. Between problems with Flash player, Silverlight, random crashes of Firefox 26 etc. I’ve finally had enough. I consider Firefox now as bloated as Internet Explorer. It’s performance suffers with every new version. 

So I’ve long had Chrome installed on my machine. The one thing I still use Firefox for is the Sage newsreader. I don’t see it available for Chrome yet. But YouTube, Netflix, and WordPress as virtualnes.com are now exclusively used on Chrome. 

In addition I’ve noted Thunderbird in it’s latest incarnations gets more and more kludgy/klunky at Outlook. Perhaps Mozilla would be best served by stepping back and tightening up the release schedule. 

And each time Firefox has crashed I make the analogy to IE. I’m sure the folks at Mozilla don’t like that but maybe they need a new perspective. 

One thought on “Abandoning Firefox for Chrome

  1. I have them both, because on my old laptop, Chrome slowed things down. Eventually both browsers became too slow and I had to buy a new laptop. Now it’s almost always Chrome. They have some pretty neato torpedo apps that I like.

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