More on the Baofeng B-580-T aka A52 aka GT-3

I ripped off the protective cover for the external mic/ear jacks. It was an annoyance. The cable would keep getting tangled in it, etc.

I’m very tempted to take a screwdriver to it and expose it’s innards. That might be fun.

One other thing, Baofeng themselves consider the B-580-T, A52 and GT-3 to be the SAME radio. But as I had mentioned before the radio I have lacks a Band button. However menu item #33 lets you select VHF/UHF. But the point – I don’t see the use of a band button a radio that only covers two bands. Plus it’s got direct frequency entry so there’s really no reason to select the band.

Now my Yaesu – it has a band button because it’s got 4 band coverage plus a general coverage receiver.

But I do like the radio. The display when backlit is pretty cool and even when the backlight is off you can read the display with good enough lighting, say daylight. Plus the when you put the radio in scanning mode it lights up every time a signal breaks squelch.

But I still contend, this radio was built for GMRS/FRS use as well as the amateur service. I also note the radio doesn’t carry the familiar FCC certifications on it like my Yaesu, it does though carry the Chinese equivalent CMIIT. The reason that I say GMRS in particular is the features of the radio.

It has a roger beep, the ability to suppress repeater courtesy tones, etc. Plus it has an ANI that can be set on the radio with the programming cable which I’ll have tomorrow. In addition it has alarm modes, and the ability to squelch all based on CTCSS, DCS, and ANI.




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