Programming the Baofeng B580T via USB cable

In my case I ordered the cable on Amazon for $8.99. But I will warn you shipping is a little bit slow, they ship 1st class. But it took five days to get from Chicago, IL to Providence, RI. For a tiny rugged envelope to take that long means USPS is putting delays into things. 

 It came with the driver and app CD. First I plugged the cable in and located the USB driver folder and installed it. Then I noted what com port the device was registered as. 

Next I installed the UV-5r software. The cable works with pretty much all the Baofeng radios so it’s not issue that there wasn’t one for the B580T, A52 or GT-3 as well as the UV-3 too. 

Connecting to the radio is simple. Connect the USB cable to you machine and launch the UV-5R software. Make sure your radio is turned off and then connect the audio connector on the side of the radio. Now turn the radio on. You’re free to read the information stored on the radio; when you do you’ll see the that the interface is pretty rudimentary. It’s like an excel spreadsheet. One the left is the channel number, output/input frequencies, CTCSS codes and other information. Way over on the right hand side is the name field. Make your changes, then write to the radio. I also go to File menu and Save As a copy. That way if I ever screw my radio up I can just load it in and write it to the radio. 


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