And if you prefer to manually program your Baofeng GT-3, A52, B580T…

It’s really simple. First put the radio into Frequency mode. It’s different among all models but on the B580T it’s the orange button with a black circle inside it. If your have the speech activated the radio will say “Frequency Mode”. 

To setup a repeater you’ll need three pieces of information; the output frequency, input frequency and type of squelch (CTCSS, DCS). If you’re in the New England area use the New England Repeater Directory online. 

Now to offsets – the offsets for the 2m band is +/- 600kHz:

Here’s a handy table to figure it out based on the frequency:

2-Meter Repeater Output Frequency Standard Input Frequency Offset
145.1 MHz – 145.5 MHz -600 kHz
146.0 MHz – 146.4 MHz +600 kHz
146.6 MHz – 147.0 MHz -600 kHz
147.0 MHz – 147.4 MHz +600 kHz
147.6 MHz – 148.0 MHz

-600 kHz

Now on the 70cm band it’d 5mHz offsets. So let’s do an example:

Let’s say I want to setup 146.835MHz – while in Frequency Mode on the radio key in 1 4 6 8 3 5

Then hit the Menu key, then 27 (MEM-CH). Then hit menu again to choose the memory channel. An easy way to do this is to scroll until it’s just digits not CH-###. That way you know it’s an empty memory. 

Once you’ve selected the memory location hit the Menu key again. You’ll hear the radio say “Receiving Memory”. Make a note of what channel you assigned. 

Now key in the repeater input channel. For 146.835 the input is 146.235 and the CTCSS code is 192.8

On the radio and in Frequency mode hit 1 4 6 2 3 5

Now press menu key again and then 13 (T-CTCS). The nice part about this radio is you don’t have to scroll through all the CTCSS codes – you simply type it in. 1 9 2 8, then hit menu again to save it. 

Now press Menu and then 27. Make sure you’re on the same memory location you stored the receive frequency. Hit menu and you’ll hear the radio say “Transmitting Frequency”. 

Now go into channel mode by hitting the orange button at the top left of the radio and presto – the memory channel is there. 


6 thoughts on “And if you prefer to manually program your Baofeng GT-3, A52, B580T…

    1. Hmm, not sure on that. I know the U.S. Amateur band for 70cm only goes from 420MHz to 450MHz. That may be the reason the radio won’t allow you to go to 486MHz.

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