Amateur Radio Digital Voice – which do I think is best

Let’s start with the one I dislike immensely – Icom’s D-Star. I dislike it because it’s Icom proprietary and doesn’t work with other vendors of radio gear. 

Then there’s DMR – at least DMR has multiple radio vendors like Kenwood, Vertex Standard (aka Yaesu), Motorola, et al. But the thing I think will dampen uptake of DMR is the price of the radios. The HT’s run from $375 to $800 a pop. Sorry, when you can pickup a Chinese manufactured radio for less than $50 there’s not incentive for me to buy a DMR compatible radio. 

Now I take flak because the Icom D-Star handhelds are pretty cheap in the $200 range. But again, I don’t want to have to buy another radio just to use a feature set. 

I think in the long run DMR will win, but it’s going to require the pricing for the handhelds, mobile units and repeaters to come down considerably. 

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