Food: Worst Cook in America

So it appears the Cooking Channel has been running a segment of “Worst Cook in America”. 

First thing that struck me is how the people they bring onto the show are pretty clueless. And some are squeamish to boot. It’s awful. If this is representative of a vast stripe of America then I can understand why we’re such a miserable country. 

But some things about the show really grated on my nerves. Yes, it’s a competition but to see who can improve the most. That’s laudable. However the ridiculous time limits imposed, I mean really? Granted they’re choosing dishes which to me are fairly simplistic. 

But the time allotted could get harrowing for beginners like a lot of the people they bring onto the show. But don’t get me wrong, I understand that in cooking in a lot of circumstances cooking time is critical. 

The other thing – first they switch up saying they can’t use notes they’ve taken during the course of the show. Then they say they’re not going to post the recipe. I’d likely do fine with that. If I make a recipe more than once I can usually remember it and the printed recipe is purely for reference. 

But my favorite, the girl who got all squeamish about cutting up a whole chicken. She couldn’t even figure out breast side from back side. 

Then there was the groaning where they’re told they have to make two of the same dish. The contestants were freaking out about it. I’m like, it’s the same process just double the amounts. Problem solved. 

But that brings up something I’ve noted. Growing up my entire family cooked. My mother, father, both grandmothers. They were phenomenal cooks. So a little of that filtered down to me. 

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