Switch to Chirp to program my Baofeng

So the Baofeng software is klunky. You have to make sure the usb cable is plugged in before the software will even let you play. 

Plus when the software first comes up everything is question marks. 

So I had Chirp installed on the machine but hadn’t used it. On a lark I fired it up without the cable connected and lo and behold it came up without a problem. Plus Chirp runs on Linux too which I’m planning to move to in the near term. 

The only thing I can’t do with Chirp is mess with the Radio ID etc. For that you need the Baofeng software. I’m told it’s all  written in Visual BASIC. Maybe I’ll peek under the hood and try to find the source for it. 

4 thoughts on “Switch to Chirp to program my Baofeng

  1. How have your attempts to use CHIRP with the A52/B580T gone? I’m thinking of getting one instead of some other Baofeng model but note that CHIRP only currently specifies support for F11/UV-5R/UV-6/UV-82/UV-B5/UV-888 and UV-3R. Which are you selecting when doing your transfers and how is it going?

    1. It’s been pretty easy. Chirp basically presents a spreadsheet view And I’ve used it with the B580T so it should work with the A52 and GT-3 also.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply. Maybe I didn’t make my question clear. In order to use CHIRP to transer data over your USB cable, you must click on Radio:Upload To Radio or Radio:Download From Radio and select a maufacturer and model. When you choose Baofeng you are given the following supported models: F11, UV-5R, UV-6, UV-82, UV-B5, UV-888 and UV-3R. Which model are you choosing to get successful transfers to your B580T? I’m trying to not be locked into buying one of the “officially” supported models on that list but I’d like to get something that does work… but in order for this to be working over the cable you must be selecting one of the models on that list. Which model are you selecting? That’s what I was trying to ask you.

        The issue isn’t usually protocol as far as I know, rather the completeness and data structure of the information being transferred. As a Quid Pro Quo, I’m always available to answer any Linux question I can handle.

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